Saturday, April 06, 2013

Why you should say "I Do!" to Save the Dates

Should I or Shouldn't I?
Save the Dates are, in this humble designer and stationer's opinion, a no-brainer!  What a simple and great way to announce your engagement, your wedding date AND give advance notice to your out of town guests.  These little cards {or magnets} are a wonderful idea and should be invested in whenever possible.  Are they a must have?  No, probably not.  So if you are being conscious of your budget this could be a saver.  However, for around $1 each, a Save the Date announcement can also give you and your guests the peace of mind knowing they have your date and important information to make travel arrangements and plans.

The Do's and Don'ts
When do I order, and send out, my Save the Dates?
Do prepare to send them out early.  Some wedding timelines only suggest 5-6 months before the wedding.  This is fine if the wedding is local with mostly local guests.  However, if you are having a destination wedding, the majority of your guests are out of town, your wedding falls on a holiday weekend or during a popular wedding month {October is giving June a run for it's money!}, you may want to send them out sooner.  We, at the Birds & the Bees, recommend ordering them 8-12 months before your big day. {Yes, I'm someone who likes to plan ahead - thanks Mom!}

Who do I send Save the Dates to?
It's a good idea to send them to all your guests.  If you choose to be more selective with your mailing, just be sure that whomever you send a Save the Date to should also receive an invitation. {Hint...this means you'll have your guest list and count done early and that helps in all the rest of your planning!}  Be sure when you address the envelopes, you only address it to those that are invited to the wedding.  This gives you another opportunity to politely imply "No children, please" from the beginning, if that is what you are planning.

What do I put on my Save the Date?
Save the Date information should be simple.  You want to make sure you have these key elements:  Your names, the wedding date, general location {city/state} and your wedding website if you have one.  {Hint...Wedding websites are GREAT!  They connect your guests with up-to-date information and are handy for directions, accommodations, etc. for planning ahead! offers wonderful free websites for Brides and Grooms}  And that's it!  This isn't your invitation, and you don't need too much information, you just are giving your guests a heads up.

What should my Save the Dates look like?
There are two theories of thought on this.  This will be the first thing your guests see for your wedding so some stationers may suggest a more elegant or traditional Save the Date to set the tone for the big day.  A more common thought is to save that for your invitation ensemble and just have fun with your Save the Dates!  Be colorful, slap on a cute pic {Hint...great place to use those engagement photos!!} and show off your personalities through fun designs.  While your invitation should also be a reflection of you as a couple, it's usually a more formal appearance and shows what the wedding ceremony and day will be like.

Popular Save the Date styles include magnets.  Magnets are great because people put them on the fridge {Hint...they can be used to hold up your wedding invitation when receive it!}.  They are relatively inexpensive and easy to have photos added.  Be sure you also receive an envelope.  You don't want to order magnets from a company that does not also include the envelopes, because most of the time, it's hard to find a standard envelope to fit the magnet!

Save the Dates are a relatively new tradition.  They have become a "must have" for some brides.  The purpose of the Save the Date has stretched beyond just weddings as well, large corporations and organizations have seen the value in this simple little message for their events too.

So, are you planning on sending out Save the Dates?

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