Thursday, December 06, 2012

Planning Your Wedding | Where do you begin?

When planning your big day there are so many decisions, so many choices, how do you know where to begin?

Weddings are not only a reflection of your love and the commitment that the two of you share; your wedding day is a reflection of you.  Your personality should shine on your special day.  So, where do you begin?  Let's start with style.  What is your style?  Let's begin to find out!

We feel at the Birds & the Bees, you can categorize yourself in one of two ways.  Classic or Edgy. 

Here's how to determine what style you are and how to personalize your big day.
{  } Do you have a love of trendy styles?
{  } Modern designs catching your eye?
{  } Are tradition and simplicity important to you?
 If you answered yes to these questions, you are a wonderfully Classic Bride.
Cotton Crane Letterpress Ensemble by Designer's Fine Press

Classic Brides will fall in love with all things traditional.  You want a simple design, elegant appearance and probably neutral, classy colors.

This Letterpress ensemble above from Designer's Fine Press will make a clear statement for your Classic Wedding.  Crane paper,  elegant detailing and traditional typesetting make this a beautiful first impression.

Swept Away Letterpress Ensemble by Designer's Fine Press

{  } Do you love the hand lettered look of typestyles?
{  } Your wedding needs to be different then anyone else and stand out as the party of the decade.
{  } Are you always looking for the couture styles?
Do these questions describe you more accurately?  Then it's Edgy all the way for you Mrs.-To-Be.

Edgy Brides want to stand out in a crowd.  "Here I come" vs. "Here comes the Bride" will probably be ringing as you make your grand entrance.  Embracing hand crafted lettering and forward thinking designs will help you make your mark on this wedding season!

Swept Away Letterpress Ensemble by Designer's Fine Press helps create that romantic, modern mood.

Whether you are Classic or Edgy, remember, this day is all about you.  So use your style and make your special day wonderful all around!

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