Thursday, December 13, 2012

Romance, Traditions, Folksy, Sweet...

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First I'd like to say, I LOVE these shoes!!!  Whether you are a true traditional romantic, or a folksy, country girl, these shoes will make your day, I know they made mine.  Check out this blog post and see Julia's wonderful dress too.

So onto more serious business - YOUR wedding day.  What do you envision as you walk down the aisle?  Rose petals scattered along the soft green grass making a sweet pathway.  Or a long white silken runner down the length of your church's nave.  What will decorate your venue?  Handmade paper lanterns strung on twine from tree to tree?  Bountiful flower arrangements wrapped with ribbon and elegantly displayed on each aisle?  Does your dress ruffle bounce and flow around you or is your train going to glide behind leaving a trail of shimmer?
Shakespeare Inspired Paper Garland

However you envision your day, you can set the tone for your wedding by the design of your invitations.  These simple necessities are the first impression of your wedding ambiance.  Think about what your guests will experience as they open the outer envelope revealing your delicate parcel.  The look of the hand calligraphy or stylistic addressing, removing the inner envelope or pocket, seeing the delicate liner and feeling the fine texture of the stunning paper stock.  Create a mood, evoke a feeling from your guests.  Let them know this is more than a wedding, it's a celebration of you as a couple.
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